My name is Vicky Nicholas and I own Perfect Planners - Your Wedding Specialists. I was born and raised in England, but I moved to Canada in February 2010. I have a degree in Hotel & Catering Management and have spent over 20 years in the wedding industry, mostly working in hotels and restaurants, coordinating weddings and corporate functions. I have experience with actors and actresses and even a UK Prime Minister!
    I am certified by the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC), which will give you peace of mind to know that I live by their code of ethics.
    My passion is to ensure that every wedding, which I am lucky enough to be apart of, is exactly how the couple envisioned their special day to be.
Why should you hire me I hear you ask?
I only take on the number of weddings I can manage, so I am available to answer your questions, calm your nerves and supply you with a glass of wine when needed! Sometimes all you need to do is vent. But I can come up with great suggestions for problems/situations. I can also be objective as I am not connected to your family.
I am organised (you have to be in this job!), I am prepared for almost anything and I can think on my feet. I have organised a wedding in 6 weeks, so I can work quick too. I am good at calming relatives who may be grumpy/overreacting/meddling. Nothing phases me.
I will ensure that your wedding is perfect for you.
I am the perfect person to look after your wedding day. As with most Wedding Planners, I travel throughout the GTA, but my office is based in Oakville. I travel to Oshawa, Kleinburg, Niagara, Cambridge and to many in between. 
Not sure if hiring a wedding planner or wedding coordinator is the right move for you? There are many blogs about this such as this one from the Huffington Post. I get quite sad when I hear a couple say they wish they had hired a wedding planner. And this is not about fixing major things, it's about giving your day to someone else to look after so you do not have to worry about who is putting out the placecards, lighting candles, making sure the groomsmen get to the church on time. These are key things that some couples stress about. It is just one day, so don't you deserve to relax?